Cristian Colocho


My name is Cristian and I am a c̸̶̛̛ò̶͟m̴̵̴̵̕p̛͢u̵̵t̡́͠e҉̧̛̛͝r̕͜͝ ͘͠͠b҉̵҉̴ó̧̨y̶̷̶̡̧ on the planet Earth. This is my internet website. I design, I write, I podcast, I code, and I am getting better at it. I like people, I believe that they're good. I am flawed but worthy. So are you.

I run a podcast network called Stipes Radio and write for a blog called computer boys. I also make chosatips, a newsletter with hot chosa takes. I run starfighter club, a place for makers on the indie web to hangout.

I'm brought to you by:

I am available for freelance audio work, web design, and writing projects.

If you want to get in contact with me you can send me an email. I am also chosafine on wire.