I create online and like computers and culture. I believe in making creation and consumption of information / art free. Open source? ✅ Creative Commons? ✅ Outside of technology I watch far too much trash anime, listen to obscure music, and read too many columns online. I have been making things online since the age of the 13, which thankfully isn't online anymore. I really do live for this though.

I used to write online in my youth, that is no longer online. At one point it was a tech blog, at another a personal blog.

I used to run a podcast network called Stipes Radio. The shows were about technology, culture, and emotions.

My most current projects are STARFIGHTER CLUB, a blog about computers and culture and its companion podcast STAR. I also run a podcast called Shades Of Brown with @packetcat.

I'm here to be your friend!

If you want to get in contact with me you can email me or find me online at:

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The above links are my current identities online, if not linked too here, assume it is in fact not me.